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Yikes! Bend’s Median Price Skies To $386,000!

by John and Sandy Kohlmoos on October 20, 2016

Bend’s Median . . . $386,000

Never thought we’d see the day again when the median priced home in Bend would hit $386,000. That’s the second highest price in modern history! The only time to top that was in May of 2007, before all  the bad stuff happened; the number then was what seemed an astronomical $395,000.

The market looked a lot different then . . . here’s a quick comparison:


Check the difference in the inventory levels!

September 2016 in Bend

Even with a continuing air of uncertainty (lots of price reductions, more days on the market) and concerns about the impact of the upcoming election results, the numbers on the Bend residential market remained pretty solid for September . . . 230 closed sales, 205 pendings, just 2.6 months of overall inventory.


Interest rates remained low, and building permits continued to be issued at near record pace. Blah, blah, blah.

Cycling in the Algarve (Portugal)

This month’s newsletter is all about balance in life. The info above is both abbreviated and pretty dry with all the charts and numbers and stuff, so if you’re interested in learning more about the Bend real estate market, probably best to tune in next month. Should you like to hear about our recent self-guided cycling trip to Portugal, carry on!

We rode into a strong "nortado!"

The Route

14 days of cycling in The Algarve

We flew into Lisbon . . . took the train to Loule and picked up the bikes (hybrids rather than our usual carbon road bikes). Most of the riding was on trails, dirt tracks, and quiet roads. We started the ride in Villa Real de San Antonio at the Spanish border;


then headed west along the coast. We took forays into the hills, savoring the extra miles ridden by getting lost.

Time In The Saddle

We rode for 14 days (our bags were moved on each day to the next destination), then spent three days in Lisbon to close out the trip. The terrain was diverse,

Diverse terrain on the coast of Portugal

and often hilly . . .

Somebody isn't happy!

We had wonderful weather (85 degrees each day) . . .

The Algarve

Met friendly folks . . .

Borker Sandy Kohlmoos and Sara Oeteiro

Ate great food (fresh fish, wonderful salads, maybe a bit of vino tinto or branco!)

Dourada and frites

The Sights

On the way to dinner in Tavira . . .

Sunset in Tavira

cork oak near Alte . . .

Cork oak

storks nesting in Portamao . . .


Porto Covo . . .


Sintra . . .


Campo Pequeno (Lisbon) . . .

Campo Pequeno

View from La Mirada (Lisbon) . . .

View from The Mirador

Sintra . . . hike to the Palacio da Pena (I wanted to take a “Tuk-Tuk”–Sandy wouldn’t let me!)

Hiking in Sintra

Porto Covo

Porto Covo, Portugal

The Reward At The End Of The Day

The trip would certainly not be for everyone . . . it entailed a fair amount of problem solving, a bit of compromise (tho’ I know better than to question Sandy’s sense of direction), some map work, a few language difficulties, and lots of climbing . . . in short, all the components of a most excellent adventure!

Bends median price is $386,000

Click here for a free copy of our itinerary.


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