Bend Oregon

Meet Mackie!


Initially, I felt a little shy about having my own page. But, my master convinced me that lots of savvy Realtors (his words!) in Central Oregon feature their pets on their pages. Granted, most of the canines are either the ubiquitous golden retrievers, poofy poodles, or the ever-trendy Havanese. Nevertheless, his words mollified me . . . so here I am.

Mackie . . . Top dog of Central Oregon

I’m Just a Dog!

Even though, as my master constantly reminds me, I’m just a dog . . .

I’ve got a pretty solid pedigree. I come from good Canadian stock, and a couple of my siblings, Rocco and Sherman, were both Bend real estate experts, as well as capable and prolific writers. I’ve tried to walk in their paw prints.

Bend’s Westside

I’ve grown up on Bend’s westside, and have spent most of my days sniffing and scratching around some of the city’s finest neighborhoods . . . places like Broken Top, Tetherow,

Autumn colors at the Tetherow golf course in Bend Oregon

The Parks, and North Rim. I know the area.

Central Oregon Lifestyle

But, it’s not just about neighborhoods, communities, and houses in Bend. ‘Cuz I’m also an outdoors-oriented terrier.

Image 4

I guess you could say that I’m a product of the Central Oregon Lifestyle. From an early age, I’ve hung in the dog parks,

No humping!

hiked  the trails,

HIking w/ Realtor Sandy Kohlmoos  to Tumalo Peak

strolled the golf courses,


kayaked and SUPPED

SUP at Sparks Lake

the lakes. I know and love Central Oregon, and I can help you find a home here.

Compendium of my works

Here are just a few of my past literary creations:

   Tetherow Townhomes For The Birds

   The Swans of Broken Top

   Elk in Bend Oregon

   Kicking back at home

If you have questions about Central Oregon real estate, please call my master.  You’re also welcome to try our incredible Bend Map and Lifestyle Search . . . even I can use it!