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Real Estate in Costa Rica

by John and Sandy Kohlmoos on March 30, 2013

Bend . . . “the best place you’ll ever go!”

Bend Oregon is, without doubt, a great place (Bend Oregon . . . “the best place you’ll ever go”), but around the middle of January, despite the wonderful powder days, thoughts turn, perhaps unconsciously, to soft sand, gentle breezes, and warm water.

Playa Garza . . . warms sand, blue water, idyllic breeze

In other words . . . Costa Rica. This post is really just an opportunity to reminisce and show off some pretty photos; if you’re after info on Bend real estate, you need read no further.

Costa Rica

The thermometer read 25 degrees at Roberts Field in Redmond as we shivered amidst other under-dressed Bendites  bound for  exotic locations like Cancun, Cabo, Jericoacoara, and Maui. We scurried across the tarmac at 6:00 AM and boarded our flight.

The thermometer read 25 degrees at Roberts Field

It was 92 degrees as we disembarked in Liberia (no, not that one!), “la ciudad blanca,” . . . a town of 35,000 and now the jumping off point for tourists heading to the Pacific beaches of Costa Rica. I could almost taste the “gallo pinto.”

Pelada, Guiones, Nosara

Wonderful beaches, great waves, “polvo” (dust), and an almost non-existent infrastructure. Nosara was one  of the first areas in Costa Rica to attract a fair-sized expat community. It also prohibits beachfront development and is home to the Ostional Wildlife Preserve

Ostional Wildlife Preserve

. . . the breeding grounds for the Olive Ridley and Leatherback sea turtles.

Interestingly, time is calculated in Nosara in a very unusual fashion . . . the standard unit of measurement is the time it takes a guy like me to consume a couple of Saphire gin and tonics

Standard measurement of time in Playa Pelada

–one as the sun descends,

the other between the “green flash” and the inevitable coloring of the sky.


The big kahuna, realtor John Kohlmoos, after the big one!

reading,  swimming, walking on the beach; I didn’t get out of second gear for a week (and I didn’t mind a bit).

Playa Grande

The “road” from Nosara, incredibly dusty and rutted (impassable in the “green” season), weaves north along the coastline passing first through savannah-like livestock land

Nosara town  . . . the suburbs

that could be Africa,

Nosara town  . . . the suburbs

then skirting world famous surf spots like Playas Negra and Avellanas.

Then on to Playa Grande . . . and again, an interesting means of measuring time.

The days are heaven . . . high of 94, low at night of 72. Fresh fish, “gallo pinto,” Imperial, coconuts out of the trees, more Saphire and tonic, reading in the morning. I can’t find my shoes for five full days; and I don’t think about looking for them. The pool is great

The infinity pool of Casa de Vre . . . not bad!

. . . the ocean is better!

The ocean . . . even better!

Sunset is  a major production.

The sunset in Costa Rica is kind of a big deal

Two weeks passes all too quickly.

Liberia and Bend

Then it’s back to Liberia and home to Bend.

It’s 32 degrees when we arrive in Redmond.

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