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Job Growth in Central Oregon?

by John and Sandy Kohlmoos on November 18, 2009

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An interesting article in the Bend Bulletin perhaps portends some good news (finally!) for the Bend Oregon real estate and jobs market . . . October sales were the highest since 2007, notices of default were down, and the inventory of for sale inventory plummeted.  Now comes word from state economists that the Central Oregon region should see some pretty substantial future growth, with the addition of another 11,000 jobs by the year 2018.

Projected Growth

Statistics/ the economy can drive us to drink.

the economy can drive us to drink even in central oregon

The region’s growth is projected at 14% (the highest in the state), as opposed to an overall Oregon rate of 9%.  Unfortunately (as is the whim of economists), last week’s report made no mention of when we can start to see these jobs–though it’s highly unlikely to be prior to 2012.  On the flip side, the latest current data shows that Central Oregon boasts some of the state’s highest unemployment figures:

  • Deschutes County 15.9%
  • Jefferson County 15.9%
  • Crook County 19.7%

fall in central oregon

It’s not clear in what sectors jobs will be created.   Though it is apparent that construction and building will lag (sadly, last year, 4,113 people who worked in construction filed unemployment claims), in part because of the unsustainable growth of prior years.  The projections are done every couple of years, and are designed to track 10 or so industries (leisure, government, transportation, utilities, and manufacturing, education,  services, etc.).  They also use employment figures from 2008 as a benchmark.

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Obviously, projections may vascillate . . . depending upon the stability of the economy.  On a lighter note . . . Mt. Bachelor opens on Friday!! To learn more about jobs in Central Oregon, conditions on opening day, or simply to find a riding partner, please click.

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