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Hottest June ever in Bend

by John and Sandy Kohlmoos on July 27, 2015

Hottest June Ever

According to the National Weather Service, this past June was the hottest ever (records have been kept since 1901). The average temperature–the midpoint between the day’s high and the day’s low, averaged across every day of the month–was 65.8 degrees.

White water SUP . . . nope, it's not me!

That’s 8.7 degrees above the historical average for the month. The warmest day was June 28 at 97 degrees. Photo above is courtesy of Jill Rosell.

Real Estate Remains Hot Too

Platitudinous as it sounds, the Bend real estate market scorched as well. 261 homes sold  . . . the highest total since mid 2006! We saw another 230 homes “pended,” boding well for the remainder of the summer.

June 2015 sales

Inventory is up a bit (to be expected) to 566 total homes . . . though still just 2.2 months of available single family for sale inventory overall; still a strong “Seller’s market.” Solds are going at 99% of list price . . . take heed prospective buyers!

The median price is holding steady at around $329,000

Another Boring Chart

Here’s a look at June in Bend over the last five years.

#of sales

Shevlin Commons at $457/ square  foot

A cool example of modern architecture in Shevlin Commons (again!) was the month’s big winner . . . three bedrooms and 3.5 baths, this home designed by PIQUE  and built by R. Strauch (I throw those names around casually, like I really know who they are) sold for $1,276,000. It closed in just 47 days.

Modern architecture in Shevlin Commons in Bend

It featured three top floor suites, 2 offices, a spiffy rooftop deck, and the requisite gourmet kitchen.

The requisite gourmet kitchen in Shevlin Commons

“A home in need of care . . .”

A great investment opportunity, this sad little home sold as a short sale at $150,000.  It therefore qualified as Bend’s low priced leader for the month of June. Two bedrooms and one bath, 976 square feet . . . it went for $154/square foot.

$150,000 in Bend!

The oil heater and tank, as well as the trophy buck came with the home. The garage was converted to a family room.

The buck's head came with the home!

A less than auspicious track record, the home went pending four time before selling. Interestingly, it sold in April of 2006 for $271,200.

Bend’s Median . . . $329,000

The median priced home in Bend would look like this 3/2.5, 1977 square footer on a .39 acre lot on the southwest that went for $165 per square foot.

Bend's median June . . . $329,000

It featured hardwood floors, a huge master, mature landscaping, and a fully fenced yard.

median kitchen

Notable Sales in Bend

We all know the drill by now . . . these are homes that we sold this month.

Home in The Parks listed and sold by Sandy Kohlmoos

A great home in The Parks that sold for $499,000.

New construction in Shevlin Pines . . .sold by Sandy Kohlmoos

New construction in Shevlin Pines that went at $605,000.

Moving Forward

I think we’ll try to get the time management issues under control and enjoy the ride. It appears the market will stay strong at least through the summer . . . pending numbers (231) and  building permits (72) continue to roll; county unemployment figures (6.2%) were the best in years. There sure are a lot of people in town!

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