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Bend’s Fourth of July Pet Parade

by John and Sandy Kohlmoos on July 9, 2011

Fourth of July in Bend Oregon

Monday, July 4 was one of those chamber of commerce days in Bend Oregon . . . about as good as it gets.  Definitely one of those “300 days of sunshine” the Bend Visitors Bureau likes  to rave about. With a high of 81 degrees and dazzling blue skies, the perfect day for the “Pet Parade”.

In an effort to avoid the traffic (traffic in Bend?) and easily find a place to park, I rode my motorcycle downtown. I have to say I was shocked.  The streets were packed

Both with spectators and participants. It was a wild scene,

but the vibe was unquestionably good.

Pet Parade in Bend

There were pets of every ilk,

and masters to match.

Grand Prize Winner . . . Bend Pet Parade

I’m not sure there was really a grand prize winner, but I certainly had a favorite.  Perhaps there were protestations from the SPCA, but one hound  (wearing his “doggles“) soared above the rest!

A Day To Be Proud

The Fourth of July is always a great day . . . a day to be proud, despite our differences, of who we are as a country.  I know it sounds sort of corny, but this Fourth of July, I was happy to be a Bendite too.

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