Amazing Central Oregon sunset shot by Deb Hilleren

Bend Oregon Real Estate

by Rocco (posthumously) on September 16, 2010

A West Side Pooch

As I mentioned previously, I’m pretty much a west side of Bend Oregon pooch. I know the homes for sale there. I guess you could even say that I’m an expert when it comes to Bend Oregon Real Estate.  I’ve hung in some of the nicest communities

. . . including Broken Top, Tetherow, Awbrey Village, and Pronghorn.

Because of this west side orientation, I was more than a little surprised when my master hoisted me into our Volvo Cross Country.

As we pulled out of the driveway, I marveled again at how my crinkley black and sun-bleached tan coat contrasted so attractively with the plush leather upholstery.

We headed east across town, ostensibly to check out some Bend Oregon real estate for a client due to arrive soon in Central Oregon.  The terrain was new to me as we sped past a nice home in Tanglewood and then another beauty in Benham Estates.  As we moved farther out into the country, my large wet nose worked overtime . . . taking in the pungent equine aromas.

Ponies in the Paddocks

We saw a few ponies in the paddocks.

My master explained to me (unnecessarily!) that this was “horse country.”  Thankfully, he didn’t try to tell any of his lame “cowboy jokes” (he’s got a wide “range” of those; just trying to “stirrup” trouble). I must admit, I did enjoy the abundance of fragrant green grass, the white vinyl fences. This wasn’t the Bend Oregon real estate that I knew.

We passed some pretty nice “spreads” before arriving at our destination of 60670 Billadeau Road.

The set up on the outskirts of Bend was nice . . . I’m sure our clients will like it. My master then surprised me again; he whipped out his “Flip Video Recorder” and proceeded to shoot the following:

He’s always talking about stuff like Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization . . . like he really knows!  Now he wants to incorporate some video action into his blog on Bend Oregon real estate.  I guess he did OK for his first try.  All I know is that each time I see the section on the canal, and hear that running water, makes me want  to find a hydrant. The music is pretty catchy too!

Let me know how you liked my master’s video.

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